The AvoOwner trading platform was founded in 2016 and traded 100% of the available avocado trees on the platform within a year. Traders started reselling trees and new buyers would join the platform to buy trees. From 2017 to 2020 we doubled the number of trees we planted and listed on the platform.

Traders purchased avocado trees from USD135 in 2017 and sold for USD 205 in 2020, together with harvest income traders averaged between 70-100% ROI.

AvoOwner sold the trading platform to Fruittex in 2020 in order to shift the primary focus to tree trading.
Fruittex redeveloped the trading platform to add brokers to it. The main function of brokers is to assist traders with the starting process to trade with the future yield of fruit trees.


Fruittex establishes orchards or buys fruit farms with existing and emerging Avocado orchards with excellent prospects of producing good quality yield.

Fruittex is managing the farming activities in cooperation with agronomists, plant scientist and registered fertiliser and chemical suppliers. We make use of the latest soil measuring equipment in all our plantations to ensure intelligent water usage.

The demand for avocado and other fruits all over the world inspired us to expand our operations with an OTP to buy a neighboring farm. This will purchase will increase our supply power and increase our inventory for the tree trading platform.

Creating job opportunities within the community

Fruittex is a dynamic and sustainable working farm, creating job opportunities within the community in which we operate.
We grow and deliver the best quality avocados for local sales, and we export across the globe. Our attention to detail, the latest cultivation techniques, a variety of cultivars and natural sustainable production all contribute to the production of a safe and quality product.



AvoOwner was the original avocado trading platform founded in 2016 and was sold to Fruittex during 2020. This farming operation is focused only on avocados. Fruittex continues to trade with the same avocado trees traded on the platform since 2016.

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Sales & Distribution


AvoFit is a farm-to-table supplier of South African produced avocados. AvoFit focuses on exports and local retail, providing world class avocados of different varieties to all the AvoFitters around the world. Grown to full maturity, measured through the perfect moisture and oil content, grown using global accepted practices and hand nurtured by the Fruittex farming team, our avocados are the Fruit of Life.

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Meet The Team

Johan Immelman
Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Fruittex (Pty)Ltd
Founder and architect of the AvoOwner / Fruittex trading platform.
Carries the accountability and responsibility to ensure that Fruittex achieves its investment objectives.
Steers the company and its members through carefully planned and thorough strategies to achieve unity and success.
Actively managing farming operations.

Mariè Wilby
Managing Director of AvoFit

Managing Director of AvoFit (Pty)Ltd and Fruittex Broker.
Energetic, in control and hands-on trustee. Main personal trait and essence includes love for animals as well as caring, grooming and observing their behavior. Strong and capable leader within the business industry.

Our company is a collective of amazing people

We are proud to have cultivated a strong community focused identity as a local employer. We have a commitment to maximize the use of local resources whenever possible by drawing local people into our company and developing their skills, and by choosing local partners where possible to supply materials and other services.

Global GAP Certified

Fruittex adhere to Global Gap standards. The certification is obtained through an annual audit by an accredited independent third party to safeguard our employees and consumers alike. The GlobalGAP certification is also a confirmation of the implementation of good agricultural practices and its protocols cover issues such as product traceability, environmental safeguarding, correct use and recording of herbicides and fertilisers, product quality specifications, food hygiene and employee health and safety.

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