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Fruittex will evaluate your registration for approval before you can buy and sell trees on the platform.

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What is the cost to become a Fruittex Trader?

There is no cost to become a trader. Fruittex will evaluate your registration for approval before you can buy and sell trees on the platform.

How does the Tree Trading platform works?

Traders buy and sell the future yield of Avocado trees in existing orchards, which can be in the form of an entire orchard or just a few trees in an orchard. The trader earns 65% of the annual net income for the lifetime of the tree. Traders can buy and sell younger trees from 1 year old and sell anytime on the platform at a profit before profitable fruit bearing start.

Who is managing farming operations?

Fruittex manage farming operations in cooperation with agronomists, plant scientist and registered fertiliser and chemical suppliers. We make use of the latest soil measuring equipment in all our orchards to ensure intelligent water usage.

How do traders make profit?

Traders can make a profit in two ways:
1. Buy young trees at a low entry price and sell later at a higher price when the trees are bigger and producing sufficient yield to make a profit.
2. Buy older trees that are producing good yield to make a profit from the sale of the produce.

Farming Operations


What are the key risks and prevention/mitigation measures?

1. Risk: Fire - Creating fire breaks, keeping grass and weeds short and belonging to the Fire Prevention Association that assists with any fires threatening the farm.
2. Risk: Hail - No Prevention methods, the farming operations are covered by crop insurance.
3. Risk: Pest/Insects - We use an integrated pest/insects Management plan that includes; scouting schedules and methods, ensuring that all organic material in the orchards are cleaned, mulching and applying tested organic material that ensures soil health.


Which general accepted farming standards are being used for a sustainable farming operation?

We are a certified Global GAP farm which means that we have policies, procedures, risk assessments and operating instructions to ensure a successful farming operation and the supply of good quality fruit to countries all over the world.


How are we sustainable?

We say NO to harsh chemicals. Farming works best when you make the most of what nature can offer. We avoid using harmful sprays so we can better protect natural habitats


Where is the farming operation situated?

The avocado farming operation is situated in the district of Capricorn in Limpopo South Africa.


Who own the land?

The farming operation part 59 of the Farm Zoekmakaar 778 in Limpopo South Africa is owned by the Johan Immelman Trust, registration number ; IT3756/03.

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