Fruittex Metaverse allow a greater connection between digital assets and the physical world.

Become a shareholder of the Fruittex Tokenization Platform for Agricultural Assets

The trading platform operated in a centralized way for more than 5 years with very limited traders and activity but paved the way to become part of something much greater. And this we believe is connecting our trees to digital assets using tokens. We take real-world assets and represent them on the blockchain as a token.
Compared to traditional assets, tokenized assets benefit from global accessibility, permissionless liquidity, on-chain transparency, and reduced transactional friction.

Ending 31 January 2022

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Subscription by way of private placement of a minimum of 1600 preference shares of USD0.40 cents each.

Fruittex pay 12.5% dividend per year. 
Cumulative, redeemable, voting and convertible shares

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  • 12.5% dividend
  • Cumulative
  • Convertible
  • Voting Rights

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  • 7.5% dividend
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100 000

$ 0.20
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  • 5.5% dividend
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  • Max 100 000 shares
1% shareholding

Fruittex CORP

Fruittex Trading Platform

The Fruittex trading platform enabled the option to trade with real-world assets on living farms of the future.

AvoOwner was the first platform to connect real-world assets to a trading platform using a centralized database systems. More than 7000 avocado trees were traded on the platform with owners from more than 18 countries. The blockchain powered up and we found a solution to boost the independent agricultural community with tradeable on-chain tokens linking the platform to the blockchain.

Fruittex asset tokens

Fruittex transforming funding for farmers

Fruittex agricultural asset tokenization is an emerging trend representing the convergence of the blockchain technology with agricultural assets.

Tokenization is one way to securitize real assets. To securitize an asset means to divide it into shares that you can sell to investors. In the same way, to “tokenize” an asset is to divide it into shares, or “tokens”, that represent a predefined share of the underlying asset. They are therefore often called “security tokens”. These tokens are secured through the immutability of blockchain technology, and they’re tradeable via crypto exchanges or Alternative Trading Systems (ATS).

Fruittex real world assets

Creating a new real-world asset token

What does it mean to “tokenize” a real-world asset such as a fruit tree?

When an asset owner decides to tokenize a farming asset, an Ethereum-standard (ERC20) farming asset token(also called a security token) is created to represent shares of the underlying crop. The total value of all tokens will be equivalent to the total value of the securitized asset.
Let’s look at a simple example.
Suppose the farmer want to tokenize an orchard consisting of 1000 avocado trees that’s worth $300 000. A simple way to divide the orchard into shares is to offer one share for every tree. So you would divide the orchard into 1000 shares, each representing one tree of the orchard and valued at $300. Alternatively, you could divide the orchard into one tenth of a tree, in which case each token would be worth $30. We might choose this option to make our token accessible to a wider range of investors.
Of course, we could also choose to limit the share offering to a certain percentage of the orchard – say 20%, to retain majority ownership while raising funds for a new orchard development, for example. The next step is to sell the tokens to investors.

Bee pollinating Fuerte Orchards

Fruittex is the living farms of the future, connected to the Metaverse, allows a greater connection between digital assets and the physical world.

  • Farming operations can digitalize a real-world asset as a tradable, on-chain token to generate capital and create and maintain sustainable farming infrastructure which will increase yields and productivity and grow their operations.
  • Fruittex is a shared ownership and trade platform which connects the ownership of food production back to the consumer and ensure investment and development of small to med-sized farming communities.
  • Using smart contracts to represent ownership of the real-life living asset integrated into the Fruittex trading platform to authenticate ownership and share in the profits.
  • Anyone can own a share in the Fruittex living farms of the future.

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The Business and Fundraising

Fruittex International Business

Fruittex produce fruits such as avocados, lemons, and limes in the Limpopo province of South Africa.
Through our subsidiary supply chain network, we export to various countries and supply the Western Cape hospitality market and consumers with avocados.
Developing sufficient and sustainable farming operations, supply chain transformation and business digitalization can only be addressed with adequate investment.

Fruittex owns the IP for a distinctive way to trade digital assets backed by real life assets.
This platform generates wealth for businesses and communities simply by producing crops with long-term future yield.

With committed investment investors contribute to ensure food security by providing our generation and the younger generation to follow with healthy, safe, and nutritional foods.

Fundraising campaigns

Fundraising requirements are to develop and establish our supply chain internationally, this includes purchasing additional established fruit farms for supply power, a packhouse, establishing international sales desk in George, Western Cape and developing our Fruittex trading exchange integrated with the blockchain marketed to several countries over the world. Countries and companies will be able to buy the future yield from our farming operations while we share and control large portions of the yield, supply, and distribution.

Our objective within the next 5 years will be to prepare Fruittex corp. for IPO.


The purpose of this PPM is to invite qualifying investors to participate in a private placement of securities in Fruittex.
• In terms of section 96(1) (b) of the Companies Act 2008, this document does not constitute an invitation to the public to subscribe for shares in Fruittex.
• The information provided in this PPM is dated 15th November 2021.
• Venture Capital investments are by their very nature exposed to risks. Information provided in this PPM and its supporting documents must be viewed from that perspective.

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